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NASA gives a system for conflict that is potential, as well as the final control of the people. American Free Media Photoshop by LaRive This could perhaps function as most significant dissertation I’ve ever created… The other day I was sent a url, by an Oath Keeper, featuring a fantastic record she took from your NASA website. I was surprised by what I discovered in its 113 websites and struck on the printing button. Our content placed and is now bound into my collection. It is advisable to discuss it the 22 percent who still read anyway, with everybody, well, and do the same. Named “Potential Strategic Problems/Future Combat [Circa 2025],” it may just be the many incredible projection of our individual progress previously identified, but, a variable system for your very collapse of the human race as we now know it, and it is happening today. It graphically shows application of accidentally, and new technology utilizes in combat the complete domination and handle of the individual brain. It appears to undoubtedly reveal the motive that is real just how our space programs have now been thwarted, and we’ve not returned for the moon.

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the military industrial complex has hijacked NASA, also it emphatically explains how this new engineering, by ages of trials experimentation and covert testing, have and will be used on any business. Allow me to share some of the topics covered… Page 4: Information/styles /analyses /systems about Programs – Cyborgs and relationships that are human. Page 9: Covers how individuals have “taken over” evolution, as well as a principle termed “Led Progression,” is dropped at light. And although Monsanto isn’t mentioned, it will come to mind. However Monsanto may certainly be suspect in GMO and GE, you will find actually thousands more performing all over, and precisely the same the world. Page 14: Talks about important future technologies just like genetic design before delivery, and the release of robotics.

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Page 35: Discusses confluent feats IN-IT/Bio/Nano technologies, including using the brain of a sea lamprey and inserting it in to the body of a robotic seafood, as well as a weed/plant-eating software that can consume to keep vitality and reside off the territory, along with the chance for a brand new sort of solder. Page 43 Dirt Weaponry utilizing Micron sized “dust” to be consumed. It would have a pathological quest like boring slots into designs incorporated. The new weapons’ legitimacy are reviewed too. Page 45 to 50: Order tools unveiled. The use of low power microwaves on entire numbers that will trigger worldwide behavioral performance decrements, seizures, major altercation in brain function, 30% to 100% increases in bloodflow towards the head, lethality, and additional communications between low power microwaves (microwatts per sq. cm./.4 to 3 GHz) MW, and brain function.

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Page 55: Covers the application form and legality of Microwave.RF, Anti Useful and Anti-Personnel Weaponry, chemical anti-useful weaponry, Chemical “Emotional Consequences” via Physical Organs Weaponry, like odor, with chemical workers incapacitation weaponry, PSYWAR, Acoustic Weaponry, and mechanical micro dust. Page 66: Covers humans technologically examined inside the new world order, but of our limitations without the consideration of the heart or implicit worth. Individual drawbacks include, too large, overweight, also tinder, also sluggish (both emotionally and actually), which humans are swiftly decreasing to really have a bad importance while in the lighting of technological advancements. Page 67 Robotics “Within The substantial,” affordability, and redefines threat/danger conditions with improved success. Page 93: The “CNN” Affliction… buying essay Drain Service via ” attacks that are swarm. ” pain of Americans and the usage of prime-time capture, as well as the takedown of interaction structure, IO IW. EPM, RF contrary to the brain that is human, for control of the populous.” “Psywar” and what collateral’s use damage to anticipate…

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You will find this power point speech on the website /nasaframe.html. It is being termed a rivalry approach report, and I can’t claim, currently, exactly what the correct ramifications of this report may be, or why it had been permitted to area to the NASA website. Without doubt, if it’s brought in to the twisted realities of conventional media, it simply just told it is risky, or will be downplayed, considered a forgery, and taken out of wording. Almost certainly it will never be described. Consequently get yourself a copy in regards to what todo and decide. What we are experiencing in the future we can scarcely conceive of nowadays, and only a style of what we have in-store is given by this report. Once we are believed lab rats, the real eyeopener if you ask me will be the coldness of its inhumanity. It reminds me of an organization I once accidentally joined at the Progressive Hillcrest City College.

The aarp and obama posts were nearly similar, both were far-left.

There, to get a grade, I offered ZPG, Zero Growth, and quit abruptly once I recognized that it advocated the mandatory cleanliness of ladies. One modest push was that technology could not however create that procedure reversible, as being a review of laboratory mice motivated sanitation of girls the only real solution, since one guy that was rouge might, the theory is that, impregnate 100 women. Today this reversal may indeed be performed, and tests more and more, so what can halt it with our civil liberties being our culture resembling the laboratory mice, and just an illusion? The promoting of abortions around the world in your tax bucks is not by chance. With 3000 new fetuses every single day in the people and the gates exposed by Obama to utilize them in stem-cell research, what worthwhile monstrosities are increasingly being produced behind the blinds of science? Recently created laboratories with windows that are reflected are closed underneath a bank cartel’s handle, and all for the community that may produce money from air that is thin. You’re indeed a fool, as really if you does not concern. Because their evaluation people is proper, possibly this paper was set there without anxiety about reprisal. Writer’s note: does one understand that this may be the switch for WW3?

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That, and fifty others all coming at us previously. Hey, what do you think of these Saints’ options, hu? Complete me an alcohol and that bowl of (GMO) popcorn, may ya? Along with the distant too! I do want to view the things they are currently saying about that idiot racist Jessie Jackson and that ridiculous demo. Does one understand that the AR15 last year you purchased activated the military industrial complex up to a medium sized war? Would you recognize that this engineering that is new could persuade the mind to utilize that system to kill your complete family, and after that yourself?

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If you’re able to think about this notion. 1984 got long before that day, and 2025 is now. They know that we the folks wish to combine for a frequent cause, it will finally be their downfall, and now we’re currently battling again a distraction advertised on every place, over shade. If we cannot unite, we’ll die. But that demise may possibly not be your freedom and certainly will although the end of the lifestyle, your state, as well as your very spirit. You notice, from my viewpoint, individuals who support themselves are helped by Lord, but you can find elements who want all of US to sit back trusting, and preferably fit our lives within the arms of God. That, because they have no ethical compass is being counted on by them. If we combine and don’t stand up…