What are Share House and Guest House?

Share house and guest house are the residence with unique features as explained below.
(Please note that some houses do not have these features)
In the past, most of the guests were foreigners so it was called “Gaijin House”.


Features of Share House and Guest House

  • You can stay from 1 day, 1 week and 1 month
  • Equipped with furniture and electronic appliances
  • No guarantor needed. Easy to move in
  • No need for gratuity fee or commission. Deposit of around 10,000JPY needed.
    (Deposit is refuned when leaving, unless you violate our terms and conditions)
  • Shared toilet, shower and kitchen
  • Common use space for the guests
  • You can enjoy the mingle with guests from all around the world

Community Life

If you find a share house or guest house you like, friends you get along with, you will have great days you stay at the place.

バナナ 1Fラウンジ1-3

Share House and Guest House, The New Style of Residence

Different from aprtments, hotel or Japanese style inn. Share house and guest house are the new style of residence.
You will be hooked once you get to know share house and guest house. You may find the place of your dreams!
Please give it a try.

Common Questions from our Guests

Common Questions from our guests on the share houses and guest houses.

From when can I reserve a room?
Up to how many people can stay in a room?
Do I need a guarantor and gratuity fee?
What time can I move in / move out?
When do I need to pay the rent every month?
How much on average does the utility fees cost per month?
Is there a manager in residence?
What do I need when I move in?
Is there a breakfast service?
Is there a curfew?
How many floors and rooms?
What expenses other than rent?