Banana House Route Details


Guest House Information

Phone Number

* When your call is connected to our voice mall, please leave your message and we will call you back as soon as posssible.
* We are not a 24 hour operating hotel
The manager may be away; please let us know before your visit.


3-119-3 Mozu Umekita-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, 591-8031

Information of the Nearest Stations

Nankai Koya Line [Mozu Hachimangu] station 5 minutes walk
Subway Midosuji Line [Nakamozu] station [8] exit 14 mintes walk
JR Hanwa Line, Nankai Koya Line [Mikunigaoka] station 8 minutes walk

Route Details

From Mozuhachiman sation to Banana House

  1. After going out of the station, look at the station on your left side and keep turning right untill you see the small road. Please Follow this small road behind the station.
  2. There is a station wall on the right side, Japanese style bar on the left side, please turn left at the first corner after passing the hair salon. (you can only turn left)
  3. When you turn left, it seems like the dead end, but the road is still continued.
  4. Please go straight along the road in residential section, you will see the white and yellow building on the right side. This is the Banana Hosue.

From Nakamozu station to Banana House

  1. When you go out exit [8], there is a rotary, and Nankai [Nakamozu] station on the left side
  2. Pass the Nankai [Nakamozu] station and keep going straight by the railway routes
  3. keep going down the street till you see [Mosuhachiman] station with the railway tracks on your left side, and please follow above instruction ”From Mozuhachiman sation to Banana House”

From Mikunigaoka station to Banana House